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Thema: Hal9k 3.1.2 Update Online

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    Standard Hal9k 3.1.2 Update Online

    Hal9k 3.1.2 Update PX5 Android 8.0 ist Online

    Version 3.1.2 OTA-package
    1. Added or corrected translations in different languages:
      Thanks to:
      de @[Only members can see the link], @[Only members can see the link]
      el @[Only members can see the link]
      it @[Only members can see the link]
      cs @[Only members can see the link]
      hr @[Only members can see the link]
      hu @[Only members can see the link]
      nl @[Only members can see the link]
      fr @[Only members can see the link]
      sv @[Only members can see the link]
      es @[Only members can see the link]
    2. Improved screensaver:
      Made displaying covers for most third-party players and radio station icons for PCRADIO app.
      For correct work, I recommend adding your players to the "List of applications that should not work simultaneously".
      Made displaying recommendations when driving along a route for Yandex.Navigator, Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps.
      Made displaying temperature from Yandex.Weather, if the data on the temperature does not come from the CAN-adapter.
      Now the screensaver is correctly displayed in 800x480.
      While the screensaver is running, the stock volume control is no longer shown.
      Added pop-up messages from BT Music and third-party media players. Third-party media players must be added to the appropriate list.
      Added a list of applications that will work in immersive mode (full screen).
      Made a separate list of navigation using TTS
      Added the ability to assign the last launched navigation to the Navi button (to switch between navigation and player, for example).
      Now during the call, the notification does not overlap the statusbar, if it is at the bottom of the screen.
      Now the bottom part of the screen is clickable if you minimize the call notification.
      By popular demand added custom parking lines. Thanks for [Only members can see the link]
      Magisk updated to v18.1, Viper4Android updated to v2.7
      Added new button codes to replace
      OEM launchers with widgets can now be installed without uninstalling HCTwidgetHA
      Much work has been done to ensure support for new basic firmware, although this is not visible from the outside.
    [Only members can see the link] for update from 3.1.0 to 3.1.2
    [Only members can see the link] for update from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2

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