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Thema: Citroen C4 Roadrover update and Internet connection

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    Standard Citroen C4 Roadrover update and Internet connection

    Hi friends,

    I just met the forum and hoping that you can help me. My car is a Citroen C4 - 2013 and also bought a car navigation system branded as "Cyclone" in Turkey. After a long research, I am pretty sure the device is a model of well known Roadrover. Below I list the device info and some screenshots to help you guess the Roadrover model. More below, I list my questions hoping you can guide me away.

    Shell : 2.90.1
    OS : EN-PRIMA-256MB-V1.55
    MCU : D22CDRI7NTNRT1-V1.23

    [Only members can see the link]

    [Only members can see the link]

    1. Is it recommended to update shell? Is there an update available/ should I?
    2. What Windows CE version is the OS? 5 or 6? Is there an update available/ should I?
    3. I heard a lot about d2280 and i9. What is my current MCU version? Is there an update available/ should I?
    4. I saw many threats about updating those components but I cannot decide whether any version is good for my hardware. Is there something to consider special to Citroen C4?
    5. The device is capable of connecting the Internet. Already has the browser application. The only thing I see to support Internet is a dialup application which is not an option. How can I enable Internet connection through Bluetooth or wifi over my smartphone? Many people say Ralink usb wifi adapters support win CE. I ordered a couple of those chipsets to try but still don't know what to do next.
    6. I am a software developer and can develop custom applications for Windows CE OS. How can I install such applications?
    7. My current navi application is Dontpanic.exe. May I replace it with a better one? If so how?
    8. Is there a repository of skins or custom applications compatible to my system?

    I know this is a long list, I will really appreciate your help and guidance to turn that box into a more entertaining one.

    Thank you and best regards.

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    Check this thread [Only members can see the link]

    I tried updating the shell and it did not go well. Device turned out unusable because shell was autostarted on boot and it was failing. I had to format, and reinstall OS. And Dontpanic was not working with my old licence anymore. So, again I would not recommend anything. Just update the map.

    I haven't searched for any update since than, but I don't think you would find one.

    If you would like to ask any questions, go ahead Btw, I am software dev too

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    [Only members can see the link] Russian Forum

    ENG. translation
    Until finally will understand with installed software, it is best not to flash the new firmvare.
    especially it is not necessary to update the MCU.
    Пока не разберётесь окончательно с установленным софтом, лучше не прошивать новое фирмваре.
    особенно MCU не стоит обновлять.

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