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Thema: C7032CC Chevy Cruze 2011 - No sound Audio and Navi + bad working BT and USB

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    Standard C7032CC Chevy Cruze 2011 - No sound Audio and Navi + bad working BT and USB


    I have RR C7032CC in my car. I have a problem. When I trying listing music in "AUDIO" I see that music working on screen but I can't hear music. When I turn on USB to orginal port in Cruze between seats USB working but I can't do nothing on screen beacuse title song is displayed. It's problem for blueetooh becouse when whos calling to me I can't [Only members can see the link]o answear the phone. Imo music will stop but when I click on answear music still playing. I'm was installed navi today and I have the same problem. I can't hear commands. I don't know what's bad. I bought car 1 mouth ago and I trying fix that. I'm was updated OS 1.35 to 1.53 but that still not working. I sending photo with problem. I know that my english is bad, sorry

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    Please try to reset your RR. in the left side of the display you can see a tiny hole just above the microSD slot, inside it is the RESET button. use a paper clip to push the reset button.

    1. push reset button using paper clip.
    2. after reset, remove car keys,
    3. open driver side door and close it again
    4. then wait for all your instrument cluster display turns off (ALL lights in dashboard are off, Odometer light is the last one to turn off).
    5. insert car key and turn to ACC or you can start your engine.
    6. see if it fixes the problem.

    If that does not work, do the following:

    1. turn engine off
    2. disconnect the negative car battery cable.
    3. wait for 30mins
    4. reconnect negative battery cable.
    5. check if RR is fixed.

    If still, the above steps don't fix it, try searching the download section for skin version for Cruze 4 line display and use that skin to see if it fixes the issue.

    IF, all the above does not resolve anything, i guess your RR was installed incorrectly. probably a wiring issue.
    If this is the case, all I can suggest is have a professional car radio installer check your RR to see if all the wires were installed properly.


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