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Thema: have a update to my ROADROVER?

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    Reden have a update to my ROADROVER?

    before a week i buying a new ROADROVER ,this is my ver:
    [Only members can see the link][Only members can see the link]

    i can upgarde it?how i do this?
    for exapmle i can install the OS that have to this guy:
    [Only members can see the link]

    in additonal:
    1.have me a problem that the ROADROVER don't recongize my galaxy nexus such a USB ,what i need to do?
    2.it possible that the player show me the folders in usb?

    thank you alot,

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    What's the detailed name of the Roadrover? At first we have to find out what kind of tuner is in this radio. You can find out with the MCU-Update tool which you can find here: [Only members can see the link]
    Copy this file to the root directory of a SD card.
    To access the windows desktop to run the MCU tool you've to copy the file from [Only members can see the link] to the root of a SD-card too.
    After that you can open the desktop with click on "Update" in the system menu. Run the MCU tool from SD card.
    If it is a Nature tuner, you can't use the new skin as shown in the video.
    Now some steps which need attention and aren't easy for beginners! Do it at your own risk, in worst case your device wouldn't start any more!!

    At first you can update the Windows CE, but you should have a look if your device is supported (translate below site):
    - put format tool and update files on root of a SD card: [Only members can see the link]

    - You can update the GUI (skin), if you've got a Nature tuner look for old Prima GUI starting with 1.2x, if you've got another newer tuner you can use 2.x (like in the Youtube video): [Only members can see the link]

    And if you've got problems between car communications and the radio you can try a MCU update: [Only members can see the link]

    To your additional questions:

    1. I'm not completely sure, but I remember that this won't work with the internal storage of the phone. In every case you have to configure the phone as a mass storage device.
    2. Yes, if you click on Menu/Open in the Player you can choose between Internat, USB and SD. Here you can see the folders.

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